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About Dr. Jon Kedrowski
Jonathan James Kedrowski (born May 12, 1979) is an author, speaker, ski-mountaineer and geographer. Kedrowski is best known for his many mountaineering accomplishments and ski descents: most notably, in 2011, when he became the first person to summit, camp and spend the night on top of all Colorado's 55 Fourteener's. In May 2012, Kedrowski successfully climbed Mount Everest while witnessing and surviving the worst tragedy on Everest since the 1996 disaster.

On April 25th, 2015, Jon was in Mount Everest Basecamp when a 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake struck Nepal around Noon that day.  An impressively large Avalanche of Seracs and Compressed Air fell from the slopes of nearby Pumori Peak and collided with the Basecamp, destroying everything in its path and killing 19 people, while injuring nearly 100.  10,000 people lost their lives in Nepal following the devastating quake. Jon was fortunate to make it out of the blast alive and able to help with recovery efforts.

Jon, the son of Robert Allan Kedrowski and Barbara Jean Kedrowski, and raised in beautiful rocky mountains of Vail, Colorado.  He summitted the 58 highest mountains (14ers) in Colorado before he turned 18.  After graduating from Eagle Valley High School, Gypsum Colorado, in 1998, he entered Valparaiso University in Indiana and played intercollegiate basketball, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in geography and chemistry (pre-medicine) in May 2002. He was employed for a year in the medical field at the Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Clinic in Vail, Colorado before returning to academics at the University of South Florida’s Department of Geography in January 2004.  Jon graduated from USF in May 2006 with a Masters of Arts in Environmental Geography and a Secondary Education Social Science Education Teaching Degree.  An article written from his M.A. Thesis titled, Assessing Human-Environmental Impacts on Colorado’s 14,000-foot Mountains has recently been published in the Journal Mountain Research and Development (2009). After spending a year coaching high school basketball in Montana for the 2006-2007 school year, Jon entered the Graduate College as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Geography at Texas State University—San Marcos in August of 2007.
Jon wrapped up his Ph.D. in Environmental Geography at TSU in December 2010. He recently accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Geography at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. and has just completed a large scale consulting project with National Geographic with a movie titled The Wildest Dream involving Mount Everest (see recent publications page). 

When he isn’t hard at work on projects at the University or training in Colorado’s backcountry, Jon can be found involved with his other passion, climbing the world’s highest mountains, which have included standing atop five of the world’s seven continental summits: Elbrus, Russia in 2005, Denali, Alaska in 2009, Aconcagua, Argentina in 2010 and 2014, Everest in 2012, and Kilimanjaro in 2014 to go along with his 21 summits of Mount Rainier from 2008 to 2016.

In 2011, Dr. Kedrowski became the first person to camp and spend the night on the top Colorado's 55 Official 14ers: peaks over 14,000'.  He achieved the feat from June 23 to September 28 2011, a stretch of only 95 days from start to finish.

In 2012, Dr. Jon Successfully climbed Mount Everest, May 26th, 2012.  His story has been chronicled extensively as he was a witness and survived the worst tragedy on Everest since the 1996 disaster.

In 2013, Kedrowski was travelling through AbottabadPakistan en route to the Gilgit-Baltistan Region of Northern Pakistan, when his climbing team heard of the massacre of 10 climbers on the nearby 8000-meter peak called Nanga Parbat.   Some of the climbers were friends of Kedrowski and some of his climbing teammates and were even staying at the same hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan as Kedrowski was prior to departing for the Karakoram Range and their respective Expeditions. The Taliban was responsible for the murders and some were arrested by local authorities in August of 2013.  Many embassies closed, and warnings were issued to American and other foreign tourists to leave the country immediately. However, in the stand against terrorism, and in alliance to help save the tourism industry in Pakistan, many climbers and trekkers including Kedrowski refused to go back to their home countries. Kedrowski and a handful of his climbing teammates decided to stay and were successful in climbing into the Baltoro Region of Pakistan. The team trekked past Concordia and K2, arrived in their basecamp near the Pakistan-India border, and still reached a height of over 25,000'/7600m on Gasherbrum II in July of 2013.

In May of 2014 he also completed a unique ski project where he Climbed and skied the 20 highest volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest in only 30 Days, skiing over 100,000 vertical feet, and camping on the summit of summits like Shasta, Lassen, South Sister, Thielsen, Hood, Rainier, and Baker.

His ski descents include over 150 descents of the Thirteeners and Fourteeners in Colorado, Mount Rainier in Washington, numerous Cascade Volcanoes, and terrain in the Alaska Range (Denali), Himalayas, as well as the Karakoram (Pakistan).
In 2016- Jon attempted to Climb and Ski the 53 Official Colorado 14,000' Peaks in one season, from January to June of 2016.

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Mount Rainier: Emmons Glacier Route 14,411ft
Jon Kedrowski and me summit Mount Rainier via the Emmons Glacier Route on 7/30/2009.

Dr. Kedrowski's Mountain Experience:
--750+Ascents of Colorado’s Fourteeners (Peaks +14,000’/4200m elevation)
--1000+Ascents of Colorado’s 100-highest peaks (Peaks +13,000’/4000m)
 -300 Winter Ascents and ski descents of the Fourteeners

-58 Named Summits in Colorado over 14,000’ in 28 days (Summer 2005 Thesis Data Collection)

Short Resume of Major Career Sports Accomplishments

(Basketball/Ski Mountaineering/Climbing ---Full list available Upon request).

2016  Attempted to Climb and Ski ALL Colorado's 53 Official 14,000' Peaks from January to June. 
2015  Everest/Lhotse Ski Expedition
2015  Luboche East, Nepal (6119m/20,075') April 19, 2015
2014  Kilimanjaro Africa (5895m/19,341') June 26, 2014
2014  May 1-31: 20 Peaks in 30 Days Climbed and Skied from 20 Highest PNW Volcanoes Shasta to Baker
2014  Aconcagua Argentina (6969m/22,841') February 18, 2014
2013  Gasherbrum II (8068m/26,354’) Pakistan Climb and Ski Expedition 
2013   Sleeping on the Summits II – California 14ers and Cascade Volcanoes Book Project            
(Have slept on 12 Official of the 15 Unofficial Sierra 14ers, Climbed all 15)           
(Project involves multiple ski descents)

2012     Mt. Everest (8850m/29,028’) Nepal Expedition Summit May 26. 
              Featured in a Dateline NBC Documentary: Watch it online:
The clip below is an extra ski-mountaineering bonus about training for Everest.
2012 Best Selling Book “Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys”
                                          (Westcliffe/ Big Earth, Boulder,CO.) 

2011  First Person to Sleep on the Summit of ALL 58 Colorado 14,000’ Peaks            
         All peaks Climbed in 95 Days from June 23 – Sept 28 2011. 

2008-2016 – 22 Summits of Mt. Rainier, WA, 3 Solo, and 4 Ski descents. (5 different routes) 

2010     Pico de Orizaba (18,510’) Mexico 3 hr Speed Ascent March 10. 
2010  Aconcagua (6969m/22,850’) Argentina South America
         Polish Glacier Route Climb  Solo Summit (Jan 13) in only 10 Days
                  Speed Ascent in 12hrs RT from 5000m Camp I.

2009  Denali (6194m/20,320’)  Speed Ascent (7 hours) Solo Summit from 14K Camp & Ski Descent
                  May 23. Expedition overall only 7 days long. 

2009  Pico De Orizaba, Popocapetl, and Ixtacucautl
         Mexican Trilogy,Peaks 17,400 – 18,510, 3 summits in only 5 days, January 2009.

2007-2008  Summits of Grand Teton WY, Gannett Pk WY, Granite Pk MT, Borah Pk ID.

2006  Peak Lenin  (7134m/24,000’)  Kyrgyzstan September

2005  Elbrus (5642m/18,515’)  Russia   Speed Ascent Solo 6 hours up, Ski Descent  July 19. 
2005  Climbed all 58 Colorado 14ers in a span of 40 days. 

1999-2002  Valparaiso University Men’s Basketball NCAA Division I
            Four Time Mid-Continent Conference Regular Season Champions
            Three Time Mid-Continent Conference Tournament Champions
            Three NCAA Division I Men’s Tournament Appearances 1990s-Present

Hundreds of Ascents and Ski Descents (Including Most of the Colorado 14ers) of Peaks in CO, WY, ID, MT, WA, OR, CA, NM, AZ.

Extensive Backcountry knowledge and experience in the Canyonlands of Utah (Lake Powell and Moab) as well as Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area (Utah/Wyoming)
Additional Peaks Log
Winter-Style  Solo Ascent, Trapper Peak, MT (10,140’), Highest in Bitterroot Range, March 2007
Winter-Style Solo Ascent of Borah Peak Idaho (12,662’), Idaho’s Highest, March 2007
Ascent of Borah Peak Idaho (12,662’), Idaho’s Highest, July 2007
Winter-Style Solo Ascents of Mt. St. Helens, WA (8,365’)
Mt. Hood, OR (11,239’, Oregon’s  Highest) April 5 and 6, 2007
Ascent of Gannett Peak (13,804’) Wyoming’s Highest, August 8, 2007
Winter Ascent & Ski of Mt. Washington, NH(6288’) April 19, 2008, March 2015.
Solo Ascents of Wheeler PK, NM (13,161’/4011m), May 30,2008, and August 2011.
Ascents of Mount Rainier (14,410’/4392m) (3 Solo), Washington’s Highest Peak , July 19, 22, 29, 2008; July 20, 31, August 4, 7, 2009.
Ascent of Granite Peak, MT(12,799’), Montana’s Highest, August 8, 2008
Ascent of Grand Teton, WY (13,770’), Wyoming’s 2nd Highest, August 11, 2008
Ascent of Pico de Orizaba, Mexico (18,410’/5600m), Mexico’s Highest Peak, January 13, 2009
Ascent of Iztaccihuatl(17,343’/5325m), Mexico, January 11, 2009
Ascent of Popocapetl (17,900’/5445m) Mexico’s 2nd Highest, January 16, 2009
Winter Ascents of Mt. Charleston,Griffith Peak (11,000’+), Nevada, Mar. 20-21, 2009.
Mount Rainier (14,410'/4392m) Liberty Ridge one day super ascent 7500' vertical, July 21, 2010.
Mount Rainier (14,410'/4392m) Winter Ascent via Paradise March 6, 2011.
Mount Adams (12,307'/3650m) Climb and 10,000' ski descent April 23, 2011.
Mount Rainier (14,410'/4392m) Winter Ascent GIB LEDGES via Paradise May 1, 2011.

Photo from SUMMIT OF Iztaccihuatl, Mexico, January 11, 2009.