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KDVR Fox 31 / KWGN CW2 News Stories and Video Clips

I have had the opportunity to climb a lot of mountains with a great friend and colleague, Meteorologist Chris Tomer. All of our documented videos and projects are listed below.  Some of the videos are on this website and you may have watched them already and we have also included the links with the titles.  Enjoy!  (All videos are copyright Chris Tomer and Jon Kedrowski, KWGN and KDVR).

Mountain Research Contributor and Consultant, KDVR-TV FOX-31 Denver, CO.  Appearances on Good Day Colorado, Fox 31, and KWGN CW2 News broadcasts.

March 10, 2016: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Stairway to Heaven:

March 24, 2016: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Skiing Little Bear, A Yearly Tradition:

Jan. 28, 2016: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Skiing Mount Harvard:

Jan. 15, 2016: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Winter Mountaineering:

Dec. 31, 2015: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- The Best of 2015 Adventures:

Dec. 10, 2015: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Skiing Birthday Peak:

Oct. 29, 2015: KWGN CW2-- Tomer's Trails -- Lynn Bailey Finishing the 14ers:

Sept. 3, 2015: KWGN CW2--Tomer's Trails -- Message in a Bottle:

July 23, 2015: KWGN DayBreak with Kim Posey: Nepal I Love You Fundraiser In Studio Interview:

July 16, 2015: KWGN Cw2 Tomer's Trails: Nepal I Love You Fundraiser Boulder Theater:

July 8, 2015: KDVR Fox 31 Denver-  Denver Man poised to climb all 58 of Colorado's 14ers in 10 Days, Story with Kevin Torres:

July 2, 2015: KWGN Cw2 Denver, Tomer's Trails: Climbing the Holy Cross:

May 25, 2015: KWGN CW2 Denver/Fox31 KDVR: Tomer's Trails Memorial Day Special:

May 21, 2015: KWGN2 Denver, Tomer's Trails:  Skiing Torrey's Tuning Fork Couloir:

May 12, 2015: KWGN CW2 Denver: Telling the Story about the Deadly Avalanche on Everest:

KDVR Fox 31 Denver:

May 9, 2015: KDVR FOX31 Denver--Colorado Climber Home Safe from Kathmandu:
April 27, 2015: KDVR Fox31 Denver Three Colorado Mountaineers Airlifted to Mount Everest Basecamp, One Filmmaker Dead:

April 25, 2015: KDVR FOX31 Denver: Colorado Climbers Safe, some expecting airlift after being stranded on Everest During Earthquake.

April 23, 2015: Colorado Climbers on Mount Everest, Tomer's Trails KWGN 2 Denver:

March 26, 2015: Colorado Proud, Everest Climbers from Colorado well Represented, Tomer's Trails KWGN 2 DENVER:

February 26, 2015: "Skiing Grays Peak, 14,270' and Avalanche Decision Making" On Tomers Trails KWGN Denver CW2:

February 19, 2015: "Snowmobiling Adventure at Wolf Creek Pass" KDVR FOX 31 Denver on Explore Colorado:

January 29, 2015: "Mount Inspiration, Skiing Mt. Elbert, Colorado's Highest." on Tomer's Trails: 

January 1, 2015: "New Year, New Goals"  Three Apostles Climb Centennial 13er's on Tomer's Trails:

December 18, 2014: Memories from 2014, Best Climbs from the Year on Tomers Trails:

1. November 20, 2014: KWGN CW 2 Denver  "Climb for Colton"  Mt. Bierstadt 14,060' on Tomer's Trails:

2. October 9, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver  "Change of Plans on Mt. Meeker 13,911' in RMNP on Tomer's Trails:

3. Sept. 25, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Fall Colors in Steamboat Springs on Tomer's Trails:

4. Sept. 11, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Icy Adventure, Summer Snowy Maroon Bells Traverse on Tomer's Trails:

5. Aug 28, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Monsoon Madness, Climbing Keller Peak in the Gore Range on Tomer's Trails:

6.Aug 14, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Climbing Your First 14er on Tomer's Trails:

7. July 31, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Crestone Peak: Mother Nature Tests Your Commitment on Tomer's Trails:

8. July 17, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Lightning Safety and 10-Mi Range Traverse on Tomer's Trails:

9. July 3, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Staunton State Park, Mountain Biking and Climbing in Colorado's newest Park on Tomer's Trails:

10. June 6, 2014: 20 Peaks in 30 Days interview with Chris Tomer on Denver's KWGN Channel 2 Daybreak:

11. May 26, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver:  Memorial Day Special, the Best of Tomer's Trails:

12. May 22, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Climbing Mt. Graduation, Tomer's Trails:

12. May 5, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Why People Climb, Tomer's Trails:

13. April 24, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Climbing Longs Peak with Alzheimer's advocate Alan Arnette:

14. April 24, 2014: KDVR FOX31 Denver, Pagosa Springs Hot Springs Resort, Hot Tub Time Machine hosted by Jennifer Broome:

15. April 20, 2014: KDVR FOX31 Denver, Remembering the Loveland Avalanche, 1 Year- Anniversary: 
16. April 10, 2014: Skiing the Citadel 13,200' Tomers Trails:

17. March 27, 2014: Skiing K2 and Capitol Peak:
18. March 13, 2014: Climbing Little Bear Peak on Tomer's Trails:
19. February 6, 2014: Skiing at Wolf Creek, KDVR FOX31 Denver:

20. January 30, 2014: Snow-Cat Skiing at Monarch Mountain on Tomer's Trails:

21. January 8, 2014. Avalanche Awareness, Snow Science:  Fox News National with Alicia Acuna:

22. January 2, 2014. Avaanche Safety and Skiing on Vail Pass KWGN 2:

23. December 19, 2013. Mount Everest, Preparatin and Legend Ed Viesturs KWGN 2:

24. November 7, 2013. Trail Running Green Mountain and Dakota Ridge on Tomer' Trails KWGN 2 Denver:

25. August 22, 2013. Return Interview from Pakistan with Chris Tomer on KWGN2 Denver:

26. June 24, 2013: Correspondent in Islamabad Pakistan, KDVR FOX31 Denver:

27. June 20, 2013: Pakistan pre-Trip Interviews Gasherbrum I & II

28. April 1, 2013: KWGN CW2: Little Bear, one of Colorado's Toughest Fourteeners, with Chris Tomer.

29. March 28, 2013: KDVR FOX 31 Denver,  Dog Sledding In Breckenridge with Jen Broome on Explore Colorado:

30. October 21 and 22nd 2012, FOX31 and KWGN 2 w Greg Nieto, Jeff Lodico Rescue:

31. KDVR FOX31 News Denver Tammy Vigil: Thurs Sept 6, Fri Sept 7, 2012: VP Candidate Paul Ryan and Climbing Colorado's 14ers

32. KDVR Fox31 News Explore Colorado w Jennifer Broome and Chris Tomer August 30, 2012:

33. Zappolo's People, KDVR FOX31 Denver, July 15, 2012:
Promoting the Book Sleeping on the Summits, and talking about Mt. Everest

34. KDVR Fox31 News July 11, 2012: Jeremy Hubbard Chronicles the High Bivys Project and Mt. Everest:

35. KDVR Fox31/KWGN 2 Morning Shows, Denver CO July 11, 2012:

Interviews with Tom Green and Jennifer Broome

36. KWGN CW2 Denver:  Post-Everest Interview on Daybreak w Chris Tomer, June 4, 2012:

37. FOX31 Denver: June 4, 2012: Colorado Climber Summits Everest Amid Mountain Tragedy

38. September 28, 2011: “Be Bear Aware this Fall when Viewing High Country Color” W/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer  Link to story online:
39. Sept. 4, 2011: "Adventure Camping on Rugged Little Bear Peak" w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online:

40.  August 15, 2011: "Meteorologist Chris Tomer and his friend and fellow researcher Dr. Jon Kedrowski climb to the top of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park." Link to Story Online:

41. July 18, 2011: “Colorado Fourteener Adventure on Mount Sneffels” w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online:,0,5053264.story
42. June 30, 2011: “Hikers Likely to Find Winter Conditions in the Mountains” w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online:
43. June 20, 2011: “Climbing Gunsight Colouir of the Maroon Bells” w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online:
44. May 13, 2011: “Pinpoint Weather Special, Spring 2011” w/ Chris Tomer, Dave Fraser, Jennifer Broome, Nick Carter, and Richard Orton. Links to Special online: KDVR FOX31
45. May 12, 2011: “ Climbing Colorado’s tallest 14ers: Elbert, Democrat, & Missouri”  w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online:
46. May 11, 2011: “Climbing the deadly bells” w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online: KDVR-FOX31:

47. May 9, 2011: “Colorado’s most challenging 14er” w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer. Link to story online: KDVR-FOX31: 

48. March 18, 2011: "Mt. Elbert: Windy Climb to the Top of Colorado." with Meteorologist Chris Tomer Link to Story online:

49. February 14, 2011: “Mt. Democrat, 14,148’ west face winter climbing near the Climax Mine.” Link to Story online:
50. January 25, 2011: “Winter Mountain Climbing Adventure with Meteorologist Chris Tomer and Dr. Jon Kedrowski” Link to Story online: and

51. November 5, 2010: “The Bucket List, things to do in Colorado before you die; #1 Climb a Fourteener” Fox 31 News Denver (w/Meteorologist Chris Tomer & Mike Headrick).  Link to Story Online:
52. July 14, 2010: “Maroon Bells Traverse 14,156’, Bell Chord Couloir, June 18, 2010.” Fox 31 News / KWGN CW2 News Denver  (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online:
53. May 26, 2010: “Little Bear Peak 14,037’—Fast May 22, 2010 Ascent” Fox 31 News / KWGN CW2 News Denver  (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online:

54. May 15, 2010: “Missouri Mountain, (14,067’) Winter Style Ascent of the Branson Route” Fox 31 News / KWGN CW2 News Denver  (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online: 

55. May 14, 2010: “Forest Service to Charge to Climb 14ers” Fox 31 News / KWGN CW2 News Denver,  Link to Story Online:

56. March 14, 2010: “Climbing a Mexican Giant:  Pico de Orizaba, Mexico’s Highest 18,510’/ 5640m” Fox 31 News / KWGN CW2 News Denver  (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online:

57. August 24, 2009: “ Climbing Colorado’s Toughest 14er—Ascent of Capitol Peak’s White Granite Knife Edge on Aug 22 in Colorado’s Elk Range” Fox 31 News Denver (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online:

58. July 31, 2009: “Climbing Mount Rainier on the Hottest Day in Seattle’s Recorded History”, Fox 31 News Denver (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).

59. July 9, 2009: “Pyramid Peak: Into the Breach, and the Dust Storm Phenomenon in the Elk Mountains” Fox 31 News Denver (w/ Meteorologist Chris Tomer).  Link to Story Online: 

60. March 16, 2009: “Climbing Castle Peak and other Colorado Mountains in Winter Conditions: Are You Prepared?” Fox 31 News Denver.  (Chris Tomer, Meteorologist) Link to Story Online:,0,3886031.story Video: 

61.  December 20, 2007: “Climbing Colorado’s Fourteeners in Winter, Not Many Try”. Good Day Colorado, Fox 31 News Denver. (Chris Tomer, Meteorologist)