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June 10, 2011

HESPERUS 13,300' LaPlata Range, Southwestern San Juans, CO
I took advantage of the incredible spring weather and amazing snow conditions to climb four 13,000' peaks including one of the four holiest sacred mountains of the Navajo Indians, as well as Mt. Moss (13,200'). Gorgeous Metamorphic rock bands!

10 Hour Day, 5am to 3pm.....and even stayed on the top of Hesperus for an hour and a half and called my Mom and Dad!  The climbing was an excellent training day......including the views of four states, CO, UT, NM, And AZ.

I started at about 5am and made quick work of the basin out of La Plata Canyon to access the Mt. Borean-Mt. Moss connecting ridge.  Starting early is key so that you don't sink and the snow is excellent for crampons up to the ridges.

At about 8am the connecting ridge and Hesperus came into view.  Winds were light and I had 360 degree views of the region!

While traversing the ridge I had to cross about 5 couloirs that were fun to cross and required a class 4+ upclimb of 25-50 feet to regain the ridge and continue.  These made the ridge a good challenge and gave way to an exciting and rewarding summit.

Looking back to Mt. Moss, had to cross this section on the way back as well.

The final pitch to the summit.

Standing on the Summit with the Wilson Massif (14,246') in the distance to the North.

I hung out on the summit for almost 2 hours before making the long traverse back over Mt. Moss (See below), and then getting back to the car in La Plata Canyon by 3pm.