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Winter Hiking and Climbing in Colorado,CW 2 Video Shoot with Chris Tomer
Mount Elbert 14,440'/4400m  March 18, 2011, Climb and Ski
A brutal wind-blown summit in clear conditions.  Chris and I did a winter camping and ski-up and down from the summit of Elbert, We camped near the summer trailhead along the Colorado Trail.
A shot of Chris in our built up winter camp.   
We warmed up by the fire and cooked dinner as well!
We started up the Easy east Slopes route at 9am in clear conditions after getting about 8" of fresh powder.
The winds increased as we approached tree-line.....
Above the trees we had to cover up from the strong west winds, but the conditions were safe enough to head to the summit!
You can see Chris coming up the summit ridge to join me on the top by about 1215.
High winds on the summit but was great to know we were ready to ski off the top of Colorado!
Tough to see down one of the SE chutes of Elbert, but the powder was too good to pass up!
Got down and headed back into the trees and back to camp by 230!  Was so fun skiing the powder!