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Mexican Trilogy (Izta, Pico, Popo and Izta) 2009
(January 11-January 16th, 6 days)
17,343’/5325m (3rd Highest in Mexico)
Hi Camp: Near Refugio Rodillas, 15,000'/4572m
Summit Day: 2.5 hours up, climbing 2,470'/753m on January 11, 2009.
Summit at 8am, spent 1 hour on the top.
1 hr descent to high camp, 2 hour descent to parking lot by 1pm.
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Summit of Izta Volcano January 11th 2009
Mike Robles joins Jon Kedrowski on the summit of Mexico's 3rd highest peak Iztaccihuatl 5325m and describes the surrounding mountain peaks after a quick climb of the Ixta.
Pico de Orizaba
18,410’/5600m  (Mexico’s Highest Peak)
Hi Camp: Refugio Jamapa, 14,500'/4420m
Summit Day:4.5 hours up, climbing  3,910'/1200m on January 13, 2009.
Summit at 9am, spent 1 hour on the top.
2 hr descent to Refugio by noon.    
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Pico de Orizaba Mexico January 13 2009
Approaching the summit of the stratavolcano Pico de Orizaba Mexico, highest peak in Mexico, January 2009. This peak was 2nd of the Mexican Trilogy when Jon Kedrowski climbed the three highest volcano...
17,900’/5445m (Mexico’s 2nd Highest)
Hi Camp: 5000 Cliff Camp 16,400'/5000m
Summit Day:1.5 hours up, climbing 1,500'/445m on January 16, 2009.
Summit at 8am, spent 30 minutes on the top.
1 hr descent to high camp, 2 hours down to the car at trailhead by noon.