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Skiing and Sleeping on the Summits:
               Cascade Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest.

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The new book, Skiing and Sleeping on the Summits: Cascade Volcanoes is the highly anticipated sequel to the Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys from a few years ago.


Geographer, Adventurer, and Ski Mountaineer Jon Kedrowski is back: this time spending the night on the summits, and showcasing great skiing on 20 of the highest Cascade Volcanoes. Join Dr. Jon as he explores the solitude and ruggedness of these giant Pacific Northwest icons. In 2014, Kedrowski skied off of the 20 highest Cascade Volcanoes in 30 Days.  Kedrowski, an expert in the field of mountain geography, geology, weather, and climate, combines his unique skills of backcountry camping and extreme skiing on this exciting new project. With striking rare photography and expert analysis, Kedrowski takes the reader on an adventure  where he also spent the night on the tops of Mount Shasta, Lassen, Thielsen, Bachelor, South Sister, Hood, Adams, Rainier, and Baker.  Discussions of meteorology, weather and climate, volcanism, as well as ski lines and ski potential are all included in this new book by the Colorado Mountain Club Press, Golden Colorado. (Mountaineers Books).  Special Prelude by well known Ski Mountaineers Chris Davenport and Ted Mahon, opening quotes by many other notable outdoor enthusiasts, as well as Forward by Meteorologist Chris Tomer.  

"Jon Kedrowski is America’s ‘top of the highest mountains’ photographer. He captured the best of Colorado's Fourteeners, now he’s slept on top of the volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest. There is no better light than twilight and sunrise and Jon records it from the most scenic places on Earth.” 
                                                                   —John Fielder, Nature photographer 
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Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys
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Jon took the successful lessons of Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys, and applied them to the Ring of Fire".                                                                                                   
 -Chris Tomer

Sleeping on theSummits: 
                                  Colorado Fourteener High Bivys

AND Best of the West -- West Regional Non-Fiction Bronze Medal for the 2013 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book

Authors: Jon Kedrowski, PhD, Chris Tomer, Meteorologist
Publisher: Westcliffe/Big Earth, Boulder Colorado. & CMC Press.
Release Dates: June 2012, July 2013, and June 2015.
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Book Synopsis
Mountain Geographer Dr. Jon Kedrowski and Meteorologist Chris Tomer joined forces in 2011 for a groundbreaking project. Kedrowski slept on the summit of all 55 Colorado 14ers from sunset to sunrise in 95 days. Tomer joined Kedrowski for many of the bivys and provided realtime weather analysis and forecasts throughout the project. 99.99% of climbers start predawn to avoid afternoon thunderstorms, but Kedrowski and Tomer did just the opposite actually hiking during the stormiest part of each day in order to make the summits before sunset. It's never been done before.
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Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys
Dr. Jon Kedrowski and Meteorologist Chris Tomer joined forces to accomplish this first-ever Colorado project. Kedrowski slept on the summit of all 55 Colorado 14ers from sunset to sunrise in 95 days. ...
Their story is beingpublished by Westcliffe Publishing in a full-color coffee-table style book, Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys due out June 2012
Nation-wide. The bookcontains high resolution photography of every summit, sunsets and sunrises, harrowing stories of rogue storms, bear attacks, and peak-specific discussions of meteorology and geography from Tomer and Kedrowski, experts in their respective fields. It's a story about teamwork, taking risks, and climbing the proverbial mountain of life. Many of the lessons read like a blueprint for success in business as well. There's no other book like this currently on the market.
Sleeping on theSummits includes a special Foreward by Colorado icon John Fielder, as
well as comments from mountaineering legend and author Gerry Roach, North Face athlete and inspiration Diane Van Daren, Baylor University  Mens Basketball Coach Scott Drew, and ultra-running Grand Slammer and author Dr. Bob Boeder.
Kedrowski said, "This is the most difficult accomplishment of my life so far, and It was as tough as climbing Mt. Everest this past May 2012. Linking eight 14ers on consecutive nights required me to dig deeper than ever before - talk about draining. Even with Tomers' excellent forecasts I was still nearly killed by lightning on Mount Harvard."
Tomer said, "This is what it's all about. I'm not interested in coasting to the finish line -
I wanted to raise my meteorological skills to the next level. We wanted to see what we're made of. It took us three attempts to sleep on the summit of both Little Bear Peak and Capitol Peak because of epic thunderstorms. Success was much sweeter after that."
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Special Note:
People are responsible for knowing and obeying local agency rules and regulations. Many US National Parks and Federal Lands require permits to camp overnight and some require camping in designated sites or areas only. Please check for any trail or route closures and adhere to posted signs indicating closures or restrictions. Use the backcountry safely and responsibly to enhance your backcountry experience. Adhere to the "Leave No Trace" principles and ethics to help minimize impact.