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Objective #3-Khumbu Assistance and
"Service Treks"
Objective #3:  Although climbing the mountain is the initial primary focus of the 2012 expedition, this third objective may be the most important one. Objective three includes improving the lives of local people in Nepal.  I have some initiatives in mind.
I intend to donate my time to the Khumbu Service treks led by Dan Mazur, and primarily my research in assisting the Mount Everest Biogas Project. See for info on Dan's company and background.

My friends Dan Mazur  and Arnold Coster who will be leading my expedition is also working with the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development and Engineers without borders to deal with Human Waste especially from Villages like Gorak Shep and Namche Bazaar.  It is true that waste may be packed off of Mount Everest and from basecamp, but if it is deposited into unsanitary pits near these villages and not disposed of properly, it may still be negatively impacting the environment.  My research is designed to help implement policy, but also should lead towards helping Dan's organization to continue to work towards solutions in the lower valleys to mitigate the problem of human waste, which ultimately comes from the high volume of climbers and trekkers that visit the Khumbu every year.