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Mount Rainier, Emmons Glacier Route, August 16-18, 2010
In mid-August I had the opportunity of guiding some great friends of mine up the Emmons Glacier route on Mount Rainier.  It was my 10th overall summit of Mount Rainier in only 3 seasons!  The weather was spectacular and my team was awesome.
The group consisted of myself, Chuck Schaefer(one of my former professors at Valpo, and his daughter Krista and her friend Steve.  Everyone did an awesome job. It took us about 4 1/2 hours to hike from White River TH, up the Integlacier to Schurman on July 16th.  On July 17th we departed camp around 3am and were on the summit by 9am (6 hrs up), spend an hour on the summit before returning to camp by 1pm (about 3 hours down).  We were very efficient and the views were spectacular.  Hopefully next year we can get Chuck's wife Kathy to join in on the fun! 
The pictures are below...
Sizeable crevasses and seracs and ice blocks with chunks the size of trucks.....say that fast five times...
The team working hard approaching 13,000' (Chuck, then Krista, and Steve bringing up the rear).
Summit shot of the group, Chuck, me, Krista, and Steve.......sweet success!
Steve about to jump a crevasse on belay on the descent.
Looking towards Little Tahoma after a safe climb.
Camp Schurman
Looking up the route from Steamboat Prow near Camp Schurman.

Summit of Mount Rainier, WA