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Mount Rainier Liberty Ridge, Liberty Cap 14,112'/4300m
July 21, 2010
My good friend Sunny Remington joined me for an awesome ascent of Liberty Ridge on Mount Rainier.  We climbed the complete steep snow and ice ridge of Liberty Ridge from the basecamp of 6,900' to 14,000'+, covering nearly 7500 vertical feet in one day!
Some pictures are posted below!
Tent camp near the Carbon Glacier at 6,900'.
A closer look at the route up Liberty Ridge
Steep Ice Climbing was abundant!
Below a steep pitch above a crevasse in some thick fog!
Leading steep ice up the cap
Sweet Success on the Summit of Liberty Cap by 1pm.....we started our climb up 7500 vertical feet at about 130am!  Most people camp on the ridge overnight, we did one push in a long day.
We descended the Emmons route, came down the Winthrop Glacier, jumped some crevasses, and were back in camp before the sun went down.....what a spectuacular day!