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Post #140 - Grand Trunk Double Hammock proves invaluable for Summer Camping!

Post #140 - Grand Trunk Double Hammock proves invaluable for Summer Camping!
I just LOVE my new double hammock from Grand Trunk (  I have been sporting the Navy Blue and Bright Blue Double Hammock on my back porch for the better part of a month now.  I also spend about 200 days a year on the road, and so I decided to bring it along on my last camping trip and I wasn't disappointed.

Here are the dimensions of this awesome piece of gear:
It is even mildew and water resistant, and the hammock is so large that you can wrap yourself up in it like a real burrito or share the hammock with your favorite lady-friend.

Post #139: Happy 4th of July! UPDATE: Strong Team on Kilimanjaro, Everyone to the Top! June 26, 2014.

Post #139: Kilimanjaro Recap: Happy 4th of July!
To everyone who has been trying to follow my blog, thanks and I hope we were able to at least provide some information about our team's progress as we summitted Kilimanjaro last week.  Please realize that this was Africa, not the United States.  Sometimes internet access and ability to post was spotty at best.  IN Africa, the saying is "No Hurry Mon", and with all processes, it can take forever to get things done.

Kilimanjaro from the Barranco Camp at 13,000' on Night 3 of the trek to the summit.

Post #137: Successful Summit!

Got word from Leonard Madrid that everyone made the summit successfully 19,341ft!

Post #136: Summit Day

June 26 is summit day for the Team.  Weatherwise, they'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine with some fog possible as well.  It'll be an early start and long, hard day to the summit, Uhuru Peak, then back down to Millineum Camp for the night.  
The Summit is 19,340ft and the team will hike in between various glaciers including the Kibo Crater.  Yes, Kili is a volcano.
On June 27 they'll descend to Park Gate A and to the hotel for the night.

Post #135: Shira Camp at 12,000ft

The Barranco Wall on KilimanjaroA little fog and some drizzle moved in across Kili last night and gradually burned away today.  The group got their first true view of Kilimanjaro.  
I talked with Jon this afternoon and everyone is feeling good at their Shira camp, which sits at 12,000feet on the mountain.  Dunston is their local guide and is making everyone feel at home.
Jon said the food consists of pastas, chicken, and even some desserts.  
I informed Jon that week weather front will swing across Kilimanjaro on Wednesday with an increase in cloud cover, some fog, but no real precip.

Post #134: Detour in Ethiopia

Big news and just a bump on the road.  The airlines overbooked our flight and made one of our members not have a boarding pass.  Instead of leaving a client behind, I sent the entire group forward and they will have arrived by now to the airport as usual.   I will be leaving  from Addis Ababa Ethiopia at 2240 on flight arriving sometime very late to JRO. about 130 or.  I hope that Dunstan, our local leader in tanzania has picked up the members at JRO who I sent on the last flight this morning.

Post #133: AFRICA or Bust! #Africaisawesome Friday June 20, 2014.

Post #133: AFRICA or Bust! #Africaisawesome Friday June 20, 2014.

Here we begin a new chapter, a new continent, a new trip.  Summer is arriving and I get to travel to Africa for the first time and I’m heading there as a leader of  12 members in my group.  We will attempt a climb of Kilimanjaro and then finish the two week trip with four days of safaris to three different parts of Tanzania.   (Once we are in Africa or about to get there I will talk ore about the country and the climb….

Post #132: 20 Peaks in 30 Days Volcanoes Tour Wrap-Up

Post #132: 20 Peaks in 30 Days Volcanoes Tour Wrap-Up: Project Summary

Sitting back in Colorado, I have had some time to reflect on May....and what a fine month it was!

Thanks to all of my Sponsors and Supporters on this great adventure! Silver Oak, GoScope, Zeal Optics, GoPro, Goal Zero, Honey Stinger, Clif Bar, Dynafit, Kastle Skis, the Vail Athletic Club, Steadman Clinic and Acli-Mate!   

I've had some fun and want to thank Avery Stonich for the recent post on National Geographic Adventure: 

Post #131: Peak #20 Mt. Baker 10,781’ – Final Volcano! May 30-31.

Post #131:  Peak #20 Mt. Baker 10,781’ – Final Volcano!  May 30-31.

Sitting here the morning of June 1 after coming down from Mt. Baker Yesterday and I can still hardly believe that the month is over and that I reached my goal.  20 Peaks in 30 Days!  I was able to climb and ski the 20 highest volcanoes and a few more peaks as I look back through this trip.  I will put together more of a reflection article (and of course my book by next year) in the coming days, but May 2014 absolutely ranks up there as one of the finest of my career.

Post #130 #19 Glacier Peak (10,541’) - May 27th, 2014

Post #130#19 Glacier Peak (10,541’). This was my 2 career summit of Glacier via the Disappointment Peak route.  This was an awesome but very long ski tour to get my 19th peak in 27 days.  Once again not knowing what the weather would do by afternoon, I opted to start  around 430am from the trailhead and was able to make the summit just before 1pm. 

Fog rolled in obscuring the upper mountain, but the good thing is that I was able to ski down and skin out of the White Chuck Glacier Basin by following my tracks.
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Post #140 - Grand Trunk Double Hammock proves invaluable for Summer Camping!
Post #139: Happy 4th of July! UPDATE: Strong Team on Kilimanjaro, Everyone to the Top! June 26, 2014.
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Post #136: Summit Day
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