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Post #118 - Climb and Ski of Longs Peak 14,256' - Fri April 11, 2014

Post #118 - Climb and Ski of Longs Peak 14,256' - Fri April 11, 2014

Friday was one memorable day in the mountains.  I joined forces with Chris Tomer, Alan Arnette, and Ryan Kushner, and we climbed Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I carried my skis with me and was fortunate enough to find good ski conditions on part of the North Face of the Peak!

The team assembled at the Longs Peak Trailhead around 530am. I was running behind (coming from Vail, and having no rest from climbing peaks and skiing for 9 days), so I opted for the Sherpa Start.

Post #117 - April Fools! Climbing and Skiing!

Post #117 - April Fools! Climbing and Skiing!   4-1-2014

Holy Smokes! I can't believe I have been so busy and out on so many projects that I have not had time to write a Blog post since I summitted Aconcagua at the end of February!  My apologies.

Here is a small update on the past 6 weeks.

March 9- I skied of the Summits of Uncompaghre and Wetterhorn, 14,309' and 14,115' respectively.  It was a spectacular bluebird stable day in the San Juans, one of my favorite ranges in the world to ski in.

Post #116: Summitting Aconcagua 6969m/22,841’ Tue February 18th 2014.

Post #116: Summitting Aconcagua 6969m/22,841’  Tuesday February 18 2014.
This has been the first expedition in the past few years that I have not been able to update my blog regularly.  Also, my SPOT Beacon’s batteries froze up because it was such a cold start to our summit day this past Tuesday.  My apologies nonetheless, but it just goes to show you that you can’t always rely on technology in the mountains, even in this day and age.  Rest assured, I will try to continue to provide updates and coverage on my future expeditions and ski projects, just like I always have.

Post #115 - Rest day and limited access to technology

Today, Wednesday February 12th, is a rest day.  We arrived in basecamp at Plaza de Argentina at 4200m yesterday following three days of trekking in. It is very hot and warm, even up here at basecamp... very much a Mars-like landscape with reddish rocks and purples and maroons etc.  It is dry and the wind will be the biggest concern for climbing, though today is dead calm and t-shirt weather. We have barely seen a cloud in 5 days!

It's frustrating that the technology is poor here to send out posts or photos.

Post #114: Off to Aconcagua, Schedule

Team packing for the hike into ACON.The Mission 14 Team is off and running!  Finally leaving for Aconcagua after waiting on baggage sent to the wrong destinations by the airlines.  

Here's the current schedule:

Today, Saturday 8th: Nick's gear arrived!... We depart for Los Penitentes, a ski resort outside of Mendoza... We will overnight there.

Tomorrow, Sunday 9th: hike from Punta De Vacas through the high desert step North to Pampas De Lena's at 2800m 9500' and spend the night.

Post #113 – Waiting on Bags - Trip Delayed, Feb 6th 2013

ALL My bags leaving the US, and all the bags arrived
My bags arrived with me on my plane when I got here to Mendoza two days ago. This is my 5th consecutive expedition without any major problems, so my luck has been quite good.  Unfortunately Nick and his wife Sandi arrived late on Feb. 4th and have no bags!  And, what's amazing is that they have called American Airlines and LAN 5 times in the past two days and have been told several different stories. 

Why is it that the airlines didn't put their bags on the plane when they left JFK in New York, and now they have been told that one bag is in Miami, one in Sao Paulo, and one in Buenos Aires?

Post #112 -Awaiting team members arrival from Mendoza, Feb 4, 2014

It's summer down here in Argentina... hot, dry, and pleasant! Especially when you consider I left Denver yesterday morning when it was a balmy 10 degrees. 

It's 6:30 pm and I checked into my hotel in Mendoza, a city of about 500,000+ people just east of the Andes. It's kind of like being in Denver... You can see the mountains from here at the same distance, except they are much higher. At my hotel, my altimeter shows 3100' above sea level, but I don't know for sure if that's correct.

Post#111 - Headed South for some Summer -- Aconcagua Preview Feb 3, 2014

Post #111 – Headed South for some Summer – Aconcagua PreviewFeb 3. 2014       

Climbing a mountain and travelling to a place on another continent is always exciting.  But what makes it much easier is that I get to do this mountain for a second time, so the traveling will seem more relaxing. 

 I’m en route to Dallas then Santiago Chile, then Mendoza Argentina.  Follow me along for the ride and maybe just maybe in a couple of weeks I will be standing on the Summit of Cerro Aconcagua at 22,841’/6969m for a second time much like I did in 2010.

Post #110 – Snow Cat Skiing, Princeton 14,197', & Aconcagua Expedition Preview Feb 1, 2013.

 Post #110 – Snow Cat Skiing, Princeton (14,197'), and 
Aconcagua Expedition PreviewFeb 1, 2013.

Go Broncos! Lets hope the United in Orange pull off a big Super Bowl win!  Meanwhile, January was a great month, full of great projects, trips and skiing.

I started the month down south at Wolf Creek Ski Area shooting a story for Explore Colorado.  Felt very blessed to get a chance to snow cat ski with the Pitcher family, the owners of the resort.  It's a bummer the snow conditions were less than normal, but we had tons of fun anyway.

Post #109: Skiing Powderlicious Conditions and Avalanche Dangers

Post #109: Skiing Powderlicious Conditions and Avalanche Dangers, Oh My!

January has brought plentiful snow to the Central Mountains of Colorado.


Here in Vail we have been spoiled.  I have taken advantage of the powder conditions at Vail, but I have also been fortunate to head out of bounds on a few high peaks over the past month and have gone to Vail Pass to ski powder on a few locations.  All this training and climbing at altitude and in the cold conditions will prepare me for my return to Aconcagua next month and the Himalayas this Spring!
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Post #118 - Climb and Ski of Longs Peak 14,256' - Fri April 11, 2014
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