KDVR KWGN News Story #14ers

Post #51 KDVR KWGN News Story #14ers
Inspiring story of my best friend Jon Kedrowski‘s rescue of Jeff Lodico on Snowmass Mountain 14er….and their 1st reunion after the accident. I still remember Jon calling me that night saying, “Our friend Paul needs our help….a climber in his group fell…I’m going up, right now.” This is how i’ve known Jon to be over the years….dropping everything to help others. He did it on Mount Everest last May and on Denali a few years ago.
For more stories, come on out to Old Firehouse Books In Fort Collins 630pm Friday Oct 26th, Chris Tomer and Jon Kedrowski will present Sleeping on the Summits, Colorado 14er High Bivys. Books and Calendars for sale too.
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