Go-Scope adds a sharper dimension to GoPro Hero3 & Sierra Bivys Project

Post #105: Go-Scope adds a sharper dimension to GoPro Hero3 & My Sierra Bivys Project
Dr Jon at Sierra BivysAfter having spent the night on the Summit of 9 of the 14 Sierra Nevada 14,000′ Peaks for this latest edition of “Sleeping on the Summits” and having climbed six 14,000′ peaks in both Colorado and California in the past ten days, I arrived home to download my photos and noticed that some of the shots were better than ever. The reason? My new Toys! The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition was sent to me by the folks at GoPro, courtesy of Kelly Leggoe. But also, giving more reach (literally) than ever before to my photos and videos comes the versatile Go-Scope telescoping monopod, courtesy of Kyle Scarola
GoPro Pole
Last week in the Sierra Nevadas for my book sequel I carried this lightweight pole with me everywhere I went, and when I take a look at the photos and video I produced, I was very pleased. One shot in particular was a video from the Summit of Mt. Sill, 14,153′ at sunset (See Below):
Sierra Bivys #8 Mt. Sill 14,153′ Arriving on the Summit at Sunset– Dr. Jon Kedrowski 2013
Dr. Jon Kedrowski films his arrival on the summit of Mt. Sill in the Eastern Sierras Thursday Oct 3, 2013. THis peak was the 8th 14er he would spend the night on during his 2013-2014 Sleeping on the s…
The Go-Scope only weighs 4 ounces, but can extend up to almost 35″ for wide angle shots and the 21″ setting shoots awesome video and pictures, capturing a great perspective of the subject (Me), and the surrounding landscapes.
The value of this Go-Scope Pole with the ability to use the Wi-Fi remote on the GoPro Hero3 captures still photos that will surely be used in my next book “Sleeping on the Summits: California 14ers and Cascade Volcanoes.”
I can’t wait to get this out on the snow for my ski descents this winter in the Colorado Backcountry as well. The “Warren Miller Quality” video will be cinematography at it’s finest. I also am looking forward to being able to stick the pole down into crevasses this coming spring on the Cascade Volcanoes or on Himalayan Peaks or off cliffs in Colorado even further to leave the audience with a true bird’s eye view.
Granted my footage was pretty stellar during my last book project on the Colorado 14ers or with the footage I filmed for Dateline NBC for the recent documentary “Into the Death Zone“, but I could only imagine the enhancements and angles the Go-Scope will give my footage when I return to Everest in 2015 to climb the mountain again without supplemental oxygen.
White Mountain Shelter and Summit Bivy, 14,246′ wide angle sunrise captured with GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and Go-Scope.
From now on, every expedition or project I go on, in addition to the SilverOak bottle of Cabernet I usually bring to toast a successful summit, I’ll be carrying this light piece of equipment and capturing angles that my audiences will love.
Dr. Jon on High Ridges in the Sierra en route to Middle Palisade 14,040′
This piece is a must have for use in the mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and oceans. The Go-Scope floats and thrives in salt-water, freshwater, and snow. You can bet that when summer comes next year, I will be relaxing and surfing at my family’s lake property with the Go-Scope, and when I Snorkel in Hawaii or Belize, it will be in my carry-on luggage. Don’t leave home without it, otherwise someone else will capture your adventure and you won’t. With Go-Scope, take your footage to the next level and capture YOU in your adventure!
Get out there and explore this fall and winter!
(Views from La Plata 14,336′ in the Sawatch Range, CO)
Dr. Jon

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