Happy Holidays..Holiday Gift Ideas….Ski Descent of Harvard 14,421′

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the High Peaks……After Christmas Gift Ideas!
Ski Descent of Harvard
We are closing out 2013 and I look back on a year that has been such an awesome ride.  In addition to climbing and skiing in Pakistan, I was able to get out to California to the Sierras on three different trips in order to work on my sequel to Sleeping on the Summits.  There is still work to be done, but that’s climbing for you….there will always be more mountains to summit.
I am very thankful and appreciative to some of the great companies in recent months that I have been lucky to work with and form partnerships with in 2013 and will extend those into 2014.
Zeal Optics (Boulder, CO), your generous contributions of Sunglasses and Goggles have been an awesome addition to my climbing and especially my ski-mountaineering objectives.  I will talk about your awesome sunglasses in a later post, and the second video below has me sporting your Zeal -Essential Shades (photo at right) in white on the summit of Harvard.
Right around thanksgiving last month I had incredible sunset ski off of Mount Harvard, the 3 Highest peak in Colorado at 14,421’.  The video footage from the exceptional Zeal HD Camera Goggle is below.
Sunset Ski of Mt Harvard 14,421′ Nov 27, 2013
Dr. Jon Kedrowski shows some spectacular video of the Colorado Sunset as he skis the SE face of Mount Harvard, 3rd Highest peak in Colorado. Wed Nov 27th 2013.
On this recent adventure and really all of my December skiing off of peaks and in the resorts here in Colorado, I have enjoyed these sleek and sporty looking goggles.  Not only is the flat light visibility enhanced when I ski with the HD Camera Goggle,  but the wide-angle vision in my peripheral-view is easy to see as I ski a difficult big mountain line. You can capture every moment in 12-megapixel photos or brilliant 1080p HD video with this new ZEAL HD video + photo goggle.  Inside the Goggle you can enjoy using the mini view-finder screen which even allows you to play back the footage you just took and you can also glance at the screen while shooting to frame your moments perfectly!   This goggle is a must have…..it’s like a GoPro camera on Steroids.  IT IS A GOGGLE ON STEROIDS! 🙂
The HD Quality video is more than adequate for use in video production and in the short stories we put together when I do work for KDVR Fox 31 and KWGN 2 in Denver.  As the snow piles up and gets deeper in 2014, I plan on taking a bunch more footage for use with my good friend Chris Tomer and his segment Tomer’s Trails.  Stay tuned all season long!
Here is a recent piece we produced about preparation in the mountains.  It was an honor to meet Ed Viesturs but to also be included in the story.  Thanks GoPro for the awesome footage we were able to shoot in this piece outside.
Of course when I get to add more cameras to my arsenal in the great outdoors, you can always count on GoPro!  I was recently given a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition by Kelley Leggoe at GoPro.  In the past 3 months I take this camera everywhere!   I combine the GoPro with the highly reliable GoScope pole, and at times I also use the GoScope Neck Strap….
Thanks Kyle Scarola at GoScope…..these accessories are hopefully selling like hotcakes this holiday season!
These products are essential accessories for any POV GoPro user in the field.  They help make your shots more professional, and the next strap especially gives you the ability to go hands free and stow your GoPro right inside your jacket.
I found this especially useful on my last ski trip when I was taking footage, AND for Tomer’s Trails we were shooting my hiking partners.  There is less fiddling with equipment and fussing with zippers when you can use the accessories easily in frigid conditions. The neck strap and the pole are beneficial for my very own still photography with the GoPro.  The wide angle footage is the best in the business.
Check out the summit Video from Mt. Harvard, 14,421’ as Jon Kedrowski Makes the most out of his summit perch with the use of the GoScope Pole to capture 360 degree views.
Mt Harvard Summit 14,421′ , Ski from the Top, Sunset Views!
Dr. Jon Kedrowski surveys the terrain from the top of Colorado’s 3rd highest peak Mt. Harvard 14,421′ the day before Thanksgiving Nov. 27 2013. He was able to ski down the SE face of the mountain as t…
And Finally, A recent addition to my nutrition arsenal in the mountains comes a high quality electrolyte product from the folks at PowerIce.
Not only are these frozen ice bars tasty, but they are an awesome energy snack for when I work up a good sweat climbing up a peak breaking trail, out ice climbing,  or when I’m skinning up Vail Mountain for a workout.   In the Winter they stay frozen in my pack.
I can also reach for one out of my freezer after a tough workout at the club, or a timeout on the basketball court. With 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, and 30 calories per bar these POWERICE gems can also help boost your immune system and keep you healthy all winter long!
Below are a handful of some of my favorite shots from adventures in the mountains in this young winter season.  As the snow gets deeper, I’m looking forward to getting many more of my objectives in, and will take you along for the ride every step of the way.
2014 is going to be a big year with trips planned to South America, Nepal, Africa, and the Pacific Northwest to Climb  Big Peaks and Ski!
Goodbye 2013 and Happy New Year 2014!

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