Rest day and limited access to technology

Today, Wednesday February 12th, is a rest day.  We arrived in basecamp at Plaza de Argentina at 4200m yesterday following three days of trekking in. It is very hot and warm, even up here at basecamp… very much a Mars-like landscape with reddish rocks and purples and maroons etc.  It is dry and the wind will be the biggest concern for climbing, though today is dead calm and t-shirt weather. We have barely seen a cloud in 5 days!

It’s frustrating that the technology is poor here to send out posts or photos.

I won’t be able to check in until next week now, as tomorrow we head up to camp I doing a carry-in to 5000m and will establish camps above camp I and to camp II and III at 5500m and 6000m respectively. I will be on the mountain with no communication until we summit….we will however descend down the other side to Plaza de Mulas via the normal route after we summit and hike out via a different way.

Our target summit day is on the 19th or 20th!

You can continue to follow my spot beacon here:

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