“My Pakage” Underwear, complete comfort even when everything else is uncomfortable. October 2, 2014.

Post #143: My Pakage” Underwear,
complete comfort even when everything else is uncomfortable.
Dr Jon things
October 2, 2014.   I always told myself I would never promote underwear in one of my blogs,…….until now.
Arguably its the most important piece of equipment an outdoorsman or woman, for that matter, will ever carry.   Yes, its true, I have been on long expeditions where you go without a shower for days, maybe even weeks, but somehow I always manage to carry PLENTY of underwear.  I had an expedition teammate on Everest who brought like 40 sets of them! Now that’s a little bit on the excessive side, but we all have our quirks.  I’ve been the guy that also wears his underwear up to 3 or 4 days in a row.  I know that’s gross, but I also carry one clean Pair until the last day of a multi-week trip, and then save it for wearing after I get a nice shower, the comfort I feel by doing this is the closest thing you can get to paradise.
Since we are on the subject, Let me introduce you to my new favorite pair of skivys, the “My Pakage” Weekday and Weekend Boxer Brief Collections (http://mypakage.com/#1).
These underwear are hands down the most comfortable, light weight, and soft pieces of undergarments that I have ever owned.
Yes, Situations in mountains can be gorgeous, sunny, and the views are great.  But some days when you climb mountains it can be so harsh and unforgiving.  On a windy early fall day, I experienced one of those days. On a 14,000’ peak deep in the heart of the Rockies I battled wind, hail, snow, and some cold conditions, but I must say, “My Pakage” never felt so good.
You’ve got to hand it to the creative team here that developed this underwear. While it is some clever marketing, it’s true.  The makers of My Pakage use “Keyhole Comfort” Technology, which uses a nice 3-Dimensional pouch that is Ideal for a comfortable and best fitting set of Undies.
A bit Brisk, but so Cool above 14,000′!!
No more need for shifting or adjusting, you can just focus at the task, reaching your summit and getting back down safely.   But these things aren’t your typical “Tighty-Whities.” Technology in Underwear?  Yes, that’s correct. These underwear use moisture absorbing, breathable shrink-free fabric.  And, the Colors are sweet!
On one of my recent summits lately, It was a bit brisk, but the underwear passed the test as I stood on the top!  While I was a bit uncomfortable, I have to admit, it felt great to have those things on as I felt the rest of my body freeze in the chilly autumn air.
WOW….I didn’t just do that up above 14,000′ did I? Maybe it’s the thin Air but my Pakage is enjoying these Briefs!
The Weekday Boxer Brief Collection: Lightweight Support and Comfort, for the Hardest Days of the Week The Weekend Boxer Brief Collection: Take your weekend game to a whole new level. AND that’s what I did, from well over 14,000’.   These will be the only sets of underwear I will take on my next expedition, maybe you should consider Your Pakage as well and choose My Pakage.
Climb Onward!
Dr. Jon
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the My Pakage — Weekend and Weekday Boxer Briefs http://mypakage.com/#1coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.