The Meeting 11, Aspen CO Recap on a great conference, Oct 1-3, 2015.

The Meeting 11: Aspen-Snowmass. Oct 1-3, 2015. A must attend event in the Snowsports Industry!
Aspen CO Meeting
outdoor adventureFor me, an emerging outdoor adventure athlete, ski-mountaineer, author, TV consultant and expedition guide, The Meeting 11 serves as an awesome opportunity to learn about the snowsports industry and the relationship between creating content and what are the best ways to use it.  The conference portion of The Meeting in 2015 focused on all aspects of content with discussion focused on delivering marketing value, effectively using social platforms, fostering an audience, generating return on investment and identifying the next trend. A unique set of panelists and presenters representing a wide range of brands were assembled to share ideas and lead interactive discussions throughout the day.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Peroscope, YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.  How can we keep it all straight?  I’ll admit, some of these forms of Social media I don’t use at all. But some I have been successful with. The amount of content being produced, posted and utilized in this industry is mind-boggling, and understanding which platforms appeal to which audiences is key to maximizing the ability for your own content to be seen and be made of value.
One of the best parts of the conference was the breakout session sponsored by Group Y.  In this interactive session I spent an hour with some professionals in the media industry, and our task was to create a marketing platform to appeal to all demographics.  Breaking down which social media is relevant to which age demographic was eye opening, especially since every social media brand actually has a specific age group that uses it more than others.  For example a marketing campaign that targets both the youth and the older generation in the Aspen area for the Ski Company can be possible through different uses of Social Media.  Aspen is truly a ski town of contrasts, (X-games youth, versus traditional rich families or the older generation that comes for their annual ski-vacations or to build a second home and stay in Aspen).
home and stay in AspenWith social media, reaching new audiences is often the challenge, and I can attest to this.  Have you ever been posting on social media but have the same people liking everything? How can you diversify your social media portfolio authentically? The VP of Integrated Marketing for Stance, Nick Tran and ISSA Sawabini from Fuse Marketing discussed ways that this can be done.  They provided some stellar tips and examples of a campaign they did with Taco Bell, which not only promoted their Instagram account, but maximized the expenditures of customers during a particular period in time when they introduced a new taco to the market.
The great Penn Newhard of Backbone Media presenting with my group during the breakout session presentations.
Overall the biggest thing I pulled from the meeting was understanding the space of content with authenticity, which will truly reach every demographic. Content is valuable, and a great way to give a sponsor something in return.  Quality content can go a long way to building a true partnership with a brand.  Content delivery and creating quality content can be sold to sponsors at a high value.
With brands these days, their Goal isn’t to sponsor, its to collaborate and make content. Content creates an experience for the consumer and gives a person an experience through a brand. There has to be a story behind the content to give it depth. Given this concept authentic was a buzz word.  So was doing something because you have a passion for your own adventures in the outdoor world.  In my opinion this is very true.  There are so many people out there trying to post content to become “Insta-famous” on social media.  I personally think that those people aren’t in this business for the right reasons.  Do something because you are passionate about it, not because you want people to like your posts or garner attention.
To wrap up some short highlights:
Cool product: Iphone 6 shoots 4k.
Can be shared with the CS1 placing the Iphone 6 right into the device for instant sharing and no downloads necessary.  You can create edits and share instantly.
Scott McDonald Cofounder Lumenati @Lumenati_CO
Something on the horizon: Live Streaming coming with Snapchat and Peroscope and different perspectives from different camera angles.   This new concept is where social media is becoming even more “Live”.
The event  (THE MEETING 11) isn’t just about the conference sessions, its about having fun, collaborating with others, networking, and enjoying the festivities in and around Aspen for the weekend. Other highlights of the conference:
Ski and Snowboard Films: Almost too many to count, but some were packed.  The best film: Paradise Waits by Teton Gravity Research.
Also The Transworld Snowboard Film  – “Origins” , was a great film because of the history behind snowboarding.
Red Bull
Go Cart Racing – Always a Hit, Sponsored by Aspen Snowmass and Red Bull as well as GoPro.
And I even had a chance to run in a 10K race to benefit MS.
Looking forward to THE MEETING 12 in 2016.
Dr. Jon
Car Racing