Sierra Bivys

Post #144 – North Palisade 14,242’ #10 Sierra 14er Summit Bivy, Oct 6-7, 2014.

Post #144 – North Palisade 14,242’  #10 Sierra 14er Summit Bivy, Oct 6-7, 2014.
14,242’ North Palisade
A very long but enjoyable fall day in the Eastern Sierras took me all the way to the summit of 14,242’ North Palisade on Monday, October 6.
These peaks are rugged.  North Palisade is located to the southwest of Bishop, CA.  The peak is in fact a large mass if that includes three additional subsummits of over 14,000’ that comprise the Palisades:  Starlight, Thunderboldt, and Polemonium.  While each of these peaks are 14er summits, by definition of the 300-foot rule from a connecting saddle, only North Palisade is considered an “Official” Fourteener summit.
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