All Should Know About The 7 Summits Challenge

All Should Know About The 7 Summits Challenge

Most mountain climbers have heard or come to the understanding of what the Seven Summits challenge is. Basically, the term refers to the highest mountains found in all the seven continents worldwide. The challenge usually involves climbing the highest mountains. The challenge of mountaineering was brought about in the early nineteen eighties. Generally, the seven Summits are defined according to their continental borders and they use the same definition that Western Europe, Austria, and the United States.

There are several peaks that are still disputed; the first one is the Oceanic summit. It’s further argued that the highest mainland peak is Mount Kosciuszko at two thousand, two hundred and twenty-eight meters found on the Australian mainland. Puncak Jaya is the other peak talked about; it stands at four thousand, eight hundred and eighty-four meters high in New Guinea. Indonesia is also contested to be part of Asia; therefore, Mount Wilhelm which is 4,509 meters tall making it the highest in the Oceania area along the Papua New Guinea region.

Mt. Puncak Jaya

The other peak which lies in dispute includes the European summit. Mount Elbrus which is at 5,642 meters. It lies within the border of Europe and Asia; this factor makes its inclusion to the Seven Summit to be disputed, thus making Mount Blanc the highest at 4,810 meters. It is also found within the borders of Italy and France and yet it is undisputed.

The commonly used and well-accepted list of the seven summits includes the Messner and Bass lists. A lot of mountaineers agree with the list of Messner as the correct list to be used. Bass list involves the Mainland Australia Mountains; however, the Messner’s list includes the Puncak Jaya as the tallest Mountain in the oceanic region. The Messner’s list includes the most challenging as it upholds all the ideals that climbers need, unlike the Bass lists which include Oceania mount that is considered to be the easiest to climb to its peak as compared to the difficult Carstensz Pyramid.

The Seven Summit List According to Messner


Kilimanjaro is located on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, but the foothills of this mountain are located firmly in Tanzania. There is no any technical difficulties to be encountered when climbing this mountain. It is known to be a warm mountain due to its location on the Tanzanian plains close to the equator. Close to the summit glaciers are found and on some slopes but the usually used route is free from ice and snow. No expensive hiking gear is needed when climbing this mountain, the normal hiking gear is used, and the ticket prices to the country are moderate. The mountain is 5963m high.

Kilimanjaro, Vinson, Carstensz Pyramid


This mountain is found on the continent of Antarctica, and it is officially not part of any Antarctica country. Low temperatures and cold winds characterize Vinson. Climbers should take advantage to apply winter climbing skills since the route is solely on ice and snow, and avalanches are possible. A good sized budget is needed to reach this mountain. Climbers should be equipped with good winter climbing equipment. Vinson is 4892m high.

Carstensz Pyramid

The Carstensz pyramid is found on the continent of Australia. Its foothills are firmly located in Indonesia. This mountain is known to have an airy summit ridge traverse and steep rock climbing sections including some rappelling. The most technical of Carstensz Pyramid is the rock peak found in the middle of the steaming Indonesia rainforest. On its higher reaches, the mountain peak is plagued with zero visibility and bad weather conditions. You can do climbing with ordinary clothing, but it is such expensive to reach this restricted part of Indonesia. Carstensz is 4884m high.


Mt Everest is at the heart of the Himalayan range at the border of Nepal and China. There are climbing threats at 9000m since there is not much oxygen and it’s cold with strong winds. It is not such an easy task to climb Everest. The mountain has a notorious icefall called the Khumbu which has collapsing seracs and dangerous crevasses. It is also quite expensive to climb Everest. Mt Everest is 8848m high.

Mt. Everest Peak

Elbrus at 5,642 meters on Europe in Russia

The largest mountain in Europe is located at the border of Georgia at the Russian peak. The highest point on the mountain of Caucasus.

This mountain is one of the easiest mountains to climb for new mountaineers as it does not require any mountaineering skills to climb. It is straightforward and no complicated sections. Elbrus can be climbed any time of the year but the most appropriate time is between May to September. You can do here with the standard cold weather gear. National reserve fees are applicable, but no peak fee is charged.

Mount McKinley at 6,194 meters on North America in the United

This mountain is managed by the Alaskan Range and is located in the wilderness of Alaska. It’s among the coldest climbs due to its location at the far up North of America. The climbing gear has to be quality cold weather gear this is due to its winds and weather which is not friendly. The route to the top is not complicated, but mountaineers need to have some skills in ice and snow climbing. The best season to climb is late April to early July, this is because during winter it gets intensely cold.


Aconcagua is at 6,962 meters, it is found in central parts of Los Andes in Argentina at the South American continent. The routes followed are well elaborated and the weather keeps on changing from time to time. During the night, it gets pretty cold due to its high altitude of about seven thousand meters and most climbers do not make it to its peak; this can be as a result of not going through proper acclimatization. The weather is never friendly. Summer months are the best moment to climb Mount Aconcagua, and the months to go climbing ranges from December to march.

For those who want the real adventure, try the seven summit challenge – a journey you will never forget!