Getting “Gym Fit” Before Your Next Trip

Getting “Gym Fit” Before Your Next Trip

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, if you’re planning a snow trip in the near future you need to start getting into shape now. The same goes for all adventure sports. You’re going to be pushing yourself to extremes be it skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain bike riding or surfing – so you need to prepare in advance.

Gym TrainingDepending on your location it can be hard to train for your sport of choice. Someone living in South-East Asia can’t easily get to the snow for training, and people living near the Himalayas can’t easily get to decent surf, so you might need to be a bit creative. A common practice is to workout in your local gym, training the same muscle groups and movements you expect to be using during your adventure sports getaway.

“Speak with your personal trainer about your trip and get a specialised training plan made up a few months before you go,” says Wayne, a P.T. at Harris Fitness Centre, a gym in Chiang Mai. “Start training early to ensure you’re strong and ready by the time you reach your destination. We have a lot of sports lovers who train at our gym in Northern Thailand in the off season, preparing for their next snow, surf or climbing trip in some other country.”

While the exact movements you train might be slightly different to the actual sport, by working out the same muscle groups you better prepare your body for the real event. This will not only mean you’ll be less likely to get injured but you’ll also have more fun and be fit enough to play for longer without getting overly fatigued.

Core WorkoutYou can never predict when you’ll get injured but as you know severe injury can completely ruin any sporting trip. Through better preparation you can reduce the risk of unfortunate circumstances to give you peace of mind that you will have an enjoyable and action packed holiday, without unnecessary drama.

Seasonal training for your next travel adventure can also mean you’ll be better ready to tackle more advanced challenges and improve your skills at a faster rate, which will also add to the fun factor of your trip. So hit the gym on the regular, or your local park or studio if you prefer, and get training the muscle groups you know you’ll be working hard. Need ideas for your next mountain adventure? See our post on the 7 summit challenge.

We recommend keeping with your usual fitness routine but also adding in at least 2 days a week of exercises specific to your chosen sport. Core workouts are crucial for balance and are a good starting point for most sports preparation training, but speak with a personal trainer at your gym or an exercise scientist to find out some exercises that target the muscle groups and stimulate the movements you’re going to need most.


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