Winter Sports Guide: Tips On Playing It Safe And Fun

Winter Sports Guide: Tips On Playing It Safe And Fun

With winter approaching rather quickly, what plans do you have? I know there is a huge number of people picking winter sports as their new hobbies this year. As it is with other sports, you need time to learn some of these sports for better experience and safety. Snowboarding is very popular but does not try it without skills because you might get yourself hurt. 

There are exciting winter sports you can choose from and they are many. You only need to ensure that you have what it takes to play then. From the skills, safety kits to body and health fitness, you must have everything correct. In this handy guide, we are looking at some of the main winter sports and tips on playing them safe. Here are some of the popular winter sports: 

1. Snowboarding 

Though it is one of the most popular winter sports, snowboarding is one of the recent sports. Most people do not know that the sport was discovered in the 1960s in the US. It would later feature at the Olympic Games in 1998. Snowboard is a fun sport that requires a lot of balancing and body coordination. You must also be physically fit to play it. This means you have to get training before playing. For your safety, wear all the recommended safety gear, including headgear. They must also buy a quality snowboard. Check our Index Skateboarding for some of the best snowboards.  

2. Ice Skating 

Ice skating on winter

Ice skating is one of the oldest winter sports. It is believed to have been around for more than 4,000 years and remains one of the most popular winter sports. Its effortless nature is what makes it popular with most people, including kids. To have ice-skating, make sure that you have put on the safety headgear because of the possible falls. If you are skating in public places, you might collide with others. Knee and elbow safety kits are also recommended. The quality of skis is also an important factor when it comes to safety. 

3. Dog sledding 

If you want to have fun with your family during winter, try dogsledding. It is an exciting sport that works great for a family with small kids. Dogsledding is one of the ancient transport methods where dogs were used for transport. A pack of dogs, in this case, husks, would pull the sled through winter ice and snow. Sometimes, it can be a dangerous sport if you are sledding steep landscape. That is why the safety of the riders is crucial. Protect your head using headgear safety and goggles for the eyes.  

4. Mountaineering 

Mountaineering is one of the winter sport that requires a lot of skills and physical fitness. That is why it is classified as one of the extreme sports. Mountaineering may include hiking snow, ice, or rocks during winter. To play this sport, you must have some good hiking skills. You must also have the right winter hiking gear, including winter hiking boots that help you climb or walk very steep landscapes. If you are hiking snow for the first, make sure you start small. Start with small hills and advance as you get experienced. 

Winter sport mountaineering

5. Fat Biking 

When winter comes, and snow is all over, the normal biking stops. However, the coming of the snow ushers in the fat biking. This is one of the exciting winter sport where people ride bikes with ‘fat tyres.’ The science behind these types of tires was to increase the surface of the wheel touching the snow. That way, the pressure is distributed in larger areas to enable you to cycle without sinking in the snow. As it is with other biking sports, you need to be a good biker. You must also wear safety headgear to prevent head injuries in case of a fall accident. 

6. Snow tubing/ sledding 

Snow tubing is another exciting winter sport for people of all ages, making it perfect for the whole family. One of the reasons why it remains among the most popular winter sports is the ease of playing and the small budget. You just the tube, which you can rent and start enjoying the snow. What you need is the right clothing to stay warm. A water-resistant jacket and pants are recommended. For safety, wear goggles and head safety gear to prevent head injuries.  

7. Snowshoeing 

Snowshoeing is another popular family winter sport. Like most family sports, it is inexpensive and easy to learn. There are also fewer possibilities of fatal accidents, making it perfect for kids. Snowshoeing involves exploring snowy landscapes using special types of shoes called snowshoes. If you have small kids, you can choose a more favourable landscape. About safe gear, you just need snowshoes, goggles, warm clothes, water resistance, a waterproof jacket, and pants. 

8. Snow biking 

biker in snow sports

This winter sport uses a snow bike, which is a combination of bicycle and skis. It just likes the typical bicycles, only that its wheels are the skis. It is a perfect winter sport for people looking for a unique winter experience. To have fun playing this sport, you must know how to ride a bicycle. Second, you must wear warm clothes and hand gloves. Make sure have put on the headgear to protect you from fall accidents. The shoe sole must also provide a firm grip in the snow. 

9. Nordic Skiing 

If you are looking for a winter sport to challenge your physical fitness, then try Nordic skiing. The sport is also popularly known as cross-country skiing because of challenging trails. It is more like running a country where you set your own pace. What you need is a nice flat trail. Your legs and the upper body will do the works. You do not need a lot of safety gear because Nordic skiing does not expose you to a lot of accidents because of slow speed. However, safety headgear and goggles are highly recommended. 

10.  Snowmobiling 

Snowmobiling has grown to be one of the most popular winter sports. The sport uses motorised vehicles, known as snow scooter or snowmobile, to travel on the snow. To enjoy this sport, you must learn how to operate these scooters. You must also wear warm clothes, a water-resistant and waterproof jacket and pants. Do not forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes and headgear to prevent head injuries.  

If you were trying to figure out the best winter sport, here is a list of 10 to select from. Most of these sports are good beginners. For the equipment, you can rent to avoid unnecessary costs. 

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