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I am available for guest speaking engagements. I can come to your event or fundraiser and talk about the challenges I faced on Everest, the adversity I’ve faced in the mountains over the years, and also will bring along copies of my latest book Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys. A sample of one of my speaking events with Chris is in the Video Below. I have up to four separate presentations, but can tailor the talks to suit your needs. (By Special request you can ask for me to invite Chris to the presentation as well, though I do most of my events solo).
1. Climbing your own Everest. Featuring my 2012 Summit and 2015 Earthquake and Avalanche.
2. Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys
3. *NEW Pakistan Baltoro-K2 Region and the Taliban
4. Stepping outside your comfort zone: achieve your goals by facing adversity, featuring mountain clips from my adventures to help you reach your summit in life for goals you’ve set in business or personally.
5. Risk Management — My Ph.D. dissertation covered this topic extensively, so I can apply my mountaineering experiences in assessing risk to the real world of business, decision making and education.
Keynote Speakers Jon Kedrowski and Chris Tomer, Climb your Everest! and Colorado 14ers too.
Dr. Jon Kedrowski is a climber and a Motivational Speaker, Chris Tomer is an outstanding Meteorologist and climber in his own right. Jon speaks about climbing your own Everest in your life. Chris dis…
Please fill out the form below or shoot me an email at [email protected] you can also get me at [email protected]…….I promise I’ll try my best to get back to you!
Generally my talks are full of photos, and uplifting stories of my experiences on Everest and in the mountains all over the world. Contact me and we can negotiate an appearance fee that benefits everyone.

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