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“Into the Death Zone”
Friday September 6, 2013
NBC News Video
The clip below is an extra ski-mountaineering bonus about training for Everest.

June 8, 2015: Smithsonian Channel — Terror on Everest, Nepal Earthquake: Mountain of Death.
July 8, 2015: KDVR Fox 31 Denver- Denver Man poised to climb all 58 of Colorado’s 14ers in 10 Days, Story with Kevin Torres:
July 2, 2015: KWGN Cw2 Denver, Tomer’s Trails: Climbing the Holy Cross:
May 11, 2015: CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose Nora O-Donnell, and Gayle King: Climbers describe surviving Everest Avalanche:
May 12, 2015: KWGN CW2 Denver: Telling the Story about the Deadly Avalanche on Everest:
KDVR Fox 31 Denver:
May 12, 2015: CCTV with Hendrik Sybrandy: Expert says earthquake in Nepal was predictable:
May 9, 2015: KDVR FOX31 Denver–Colorado Climber Home Safe from Kathmandu:
April 29, 2015: Men’s Journal,Jon Kedrowski: Survival Stories from Everest Basecamp:
April 29, 2105: CCTV with Hendrik Sybrandy: Survivors at Mt. Everest share stories:
April 27, 2015: CNN with Brooke Baldwin, Jon Kedrowski describes Everest Avalanche Experience:
April 27, 2015: CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, Jon Kedrowski describes the “Tornado-like” force that struck Everest Basecamp:
April 27, 2015: KDVR Fox31 Denver Three Colorado Mountaineers Airlifted to Mount Everest Basecamp, One Filmmaker Dead:
April 25, 2015: KDVR FOX31 Denver: Colorado Climbers Safe, some expecting airlift after being stranded on Everest During Earthquake.
April 23, 2015: Colorado Climbers on Mount Everest, Tomer’s Trails KWGN 2 Denver:
Everest Good Morning Vail With Tricia Swensen:
March 26, 2015: Colorado Proud, Everest Climbers from Colorado well Represented, Tomer’s Trails KWGN 2 DENVER:
February 26, 2015: “Skiing Grays Peak, 14,270′ and Avalanche Decision Making” On Tomers Trails KWGN Denver CW2:
February 19, 2015: “Snowmobiling Adventure at Wolf Creek Pass” KDVR FOX 31 Denver on Explore Colorado:
January 29, 2015: “Mount Inspiration, Skiing Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s Highest.” on Tomer’s Trails:
January 1, 2015: “New Year, New Goals” Three Apostles Climb Centennial 13er’s on Tomer’s Trails:
December 18, 2014: Memories from 2014, Best Climbs from the Year on Tomers Trails:
November 20, 2014:KWGN CW 2 Denver “Climb for Colton” Mt. Bierstadt 14,060′ on Tomer’s Trails:
October 9, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver “Change of Plans on Mt. Meeker 13,911′ in RMNP” on Tomer’s Trails:
Sept. 25, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Fall Colors in Steamboat Springs on Tomer’s Trails:
Sept. 11, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Icy Adventure, Summer Snowy Maroon Bells Traverse on Tomer’s Trails:
Sept. 5, 2014: Grind TV: Colorado Mountaineer scales and skis 20 volcanoes in 30 days by Julie Kailus:
Aug 28, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Monsoon Madness, Climbing Keller Peak in the Gore Range on Tomer’s Trails:
Aug 24, 2014: Altitude Adjustment: The Lure of Climbing Colorado’s 14,000′ Peaks. Steamboat Pilot by Ben Ingersoll:
Aug 18, 2014: Adventure Dreams, 10 Classic Adventures, National Geographic Adventure by Brendan Leonard:
Aug 14, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Climbing Your First 14er on Tomer’s Trails:
July 31, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Crestone Peak: Mother Nature Tests Your Commitment on Tomer’s Trails:
July 25, 2014: Famous Snows of Mt Kilimanjaro Disappearing: CCTV with Hendrik Sybrandy:
July 17, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Lightning Safety and 10-Mi Range Traverse on Tomer’s Trails:
July 3, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Staunton State Park, Mountain Biking and Climbing in Colorado’s newest Park on Tomer’s Trails:
June 10, 2014, Denver Post by Jason Blevins:

June 6, 2014: 20 Peaks in 30 Days interview with Chris Tomer on Denver’s KWGN Channel 2 Daybreak:

May 26, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver: Memorial Day Special, the Best of Tomer’s Trails:

May 22, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Climbing Mt. Graduation, Tomer’s Trails:


May 5, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Why People Climb, Tomer’s Trails:
April 24, 2014: KWGN CW2 Denver, Climbing Longs Peak with Alzheimer’s advocate Alan Arnette:

April 24, 2014: KDVR FOX31 Denver, Pagosa Springs Hot Springs Resort, Hot Tub Time Machine hosted by Jennifer Broome:

April 20, 2014: KDVR FOX31 Denver, Remembering the Loveland Avalanche, 1 Year- Anniversary:
April 10, 2014 Skiing the Citadel 13,200′, Tomers Trails:
March 27, 2014: Skiing K2 and Capitol Peak:
March 13, 2014: Climbing Little Bear Peak 14,037′ in Winter on Tomer’s Trails:
March 6, 2014: “The bid to remove a mountain of Trash from Everest” Toronto Star by Raveena Aulakh
March 4, 2014: “Nepal Enlists Mt. Everest Climbers to Clean Trash-Strewn Slopes” NBCNews, by Nidhi Subbaraman
February 6, 2014: Skiing at Wolf Creek, KDVR FOX31 Denver:
January 30, 2014: Snow-Cat Skiing at Monarch Mountain on Tomer’s Trails:
Jan 2, 2014: Vail Pass Backcountry Skiing on Tomer’s Trails KWGN2:
December 19, 2013: Ed Viesturs, Everest Climbing, Jon K on KWGN2:
August 22, 2013. Return Interview from Pakistan with Chris Tomer on KWGN2 Denver:

June 24, 2013: Correspondent in Islamabad Pakistan, KDVR FOX31 Denver:
June 20, 2013: Pakistan pre-Trip Interviews Gasherbrum I & II
June 4, 2013: TV8 Vail Segment w Tricia Swensen: Everest and Basketball Camps
June 4, 2013: By Caramie Schnell Kedrowski Leads a “Climb Your Everest” Discussion about the Body at High Altitude.
Denver Post May 7, 2013: Awesome Article by John Meyer on Sleeping on the Summits
April 1, 2013: KWGN CW2: Little Bear, one of Colorado’s Toughest Fourteeners, with Chris Tomer.
March 28, 2013: KDVR FOX 31 Denver, Dog Sledding In Breckenridge with Jen Broome on Explore Colorado:
February 19, 2013: A Climb Becomes Life or Death, Yakima Herald, By Scott
January 16, 2013: Climber of Mt. Everest to Speak to Estes Park Students and the Community, By Juley Harvey:
January 2013: Climbing 55 Colorado Summits Provides a Great Training Ground for Everest By Mary Jenneverre Shultz in Asian Avenue Magazine.
TV8 Vail with Tricia Swensen on 12-12-12 about Everest Holiday Events in the Vail Valley:

Nov. 14, 2012 Eagle Valley High School Grad Brings a taste of the Top back to students. By Greg Franz
Rescue of Jeff Lodico, October 21 and 22nd, FOX31 and KWGN 2 w Greg Nieto:KDVR FOX-31:
KWGN Channel 2:

October 2, 2012: Elevation Outdoors Magazine “We Can Be Heroes”, by James Dziezynski:
Sept 26th, 2012: Mid-Day Mile on 104.7 the Mile Vail, CO. Everest Discussion w Eric Williamson

Watch THE WEATHER CHANNEL Tuesday Sept. 25th 4p, 7p, & 10p EST Sleeping on the Summits w Crystal Egger.
TV8 Vail With Tricia Swenson Sept 24, 2012: Fall Colors, SOS and Everest 2012742am:

KUSA 9 News Colorado & Company with Denise Plante Friday September 21st 10am, Watch Here:
Sept 14, 2012 Fifth Estate on CBC: 45min Documentary of the Mt. Everest 2012 Disaster:

KDVR FOX31 News Denver Tammy Vigil: Thurs Sept 6, Fri Sept 7, 2012: VP Candidate Paul Ryan and Climbing Colorado’s 14ers
September 2012 Association of American Geographers Newsletter: Profiles of Professional Geographers, Pages 14-15:

Thurs Sept. 6, 2012: Boulder Weekly Magazine, Sleepers at Altitude by Elizabeth Miller:

KDVR Fox31 News Explore Colorado w Jennifer Broome and Chris Tomer August 30, 2012:

Good Morning Vail TV8 w Tricia Swensen Aug 30, 2012:
KKCO-TV NBC11 Grand JCT CO: August 24, 2012 w/ Terri Chappelle and Bernie Lange
Grand Junction Sentinel: August 18, 2012 by Dave Buchanan:
Grand junction Free Press Aug 17, 2012 by Sharon Sullivan:
Denver Post July 17, 2012: Camping atop each of Colorado’s 14,000′ mountains by Claire Martin:
Zappolo’s People, KDVR FOX31 Denver, July 15, 2012:

Promoting the Book Sleeping on the Summits, and talking about Mt. Everest
KDVR Fox31 News July 11, 2012: Jeremy Hubbard Chronicles the High Bivys Project and Mt. Everest:
KWGN CW2 Denver: Post-Everest Interview on Daybreak w Chris Tomer, June 4, 2012:
FOX31 Denver: June 4, 2012: Colorado Climber Summits Everest Amid Mountain Tragedy
CNN: May 26th, 2012: Geographer Reaches mount Everest Summit:
Fox31 Denver: May 29th, 2012: Colorado Climber Describes Climbing Mount Everest
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, May 25, 2012. Mount Everest Deadly Traffic Jam:
NBC Today Show: May 22, 2012. Climber Recalls Fatal Mount Everest Traffic Jam:
FoxNews with Shepard Smith: May 21, 2012. Three climbers dead after taking on Mount Everest:
Fox31 Denver: May 26, 2012: Colorado Climber reaches the Summit of Mount Everest:
Huffington Post: May 21, 2012. Mount Everest Deaths. Climber Jon Kedrowski, Colorado Survivor describes the High Altitude Scene.
May 21, 2012 KWGN CW2 Morning Show, Chris Tomer, Tom Green and Natalie Tysdale 8am Lead Story:
Valparaiso University Website Front Page: June 9, 2012: Kedrowski Successfully summits Mount Everest:
The Daily: Into the Death Zone: June 10, 2012: Colorado Climber recounts tragedy during his Everest attempt.
Durango, CO Herald. June 11, 2012: Everyone has an Everest, Real or Imaginary: Fort Lewis Camp Coach talks about triumph, tragedy on Planet’s highest peak.
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