Recent Publications

Recent Publications— My research as a Mountain Geographer has been published in some professional journals ranging from Mountain Research and Development to the International Journal Of Wilderness, including recent consultations with National Geographic. Articles, pdfs, and links to my completed projects are listed below. I’ve included some older publications as well.

Kedrowski, J.J., Tomer C.T. (2012) Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys. Westcliffe/Big Earth, Boulder CO.
Kedrowski, J.J., (2012) Water Quality Testing in the Upper Khumbu Region of Nepal for E-coli and Fecal Coliforms. (Everest BC and Everest Expedition Route Water Research report), Supported by the American Alpine Club and the MEFSD and Mt Everest Biogas Group
Kedrowski, J.J., Tomer, C.T. (2011). Dirty Snow: Documenting the 2009 dust storm events in Colorado’s San Juan and Elk Mountains with repeat photography and historical snowpack data NWA Online Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology. Nov 2010 EJ7. (1-39).
Mount Rainier, WA
Kedrowski, J.J. (2010). Climber Experience and Environmental Interaction on Mount Rainier, WA, USA. Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Geography, Texas State University–San Marcos, TX. 175pp.
Kedrowski et. al. (2010) National Geographic Project, The Wildest Dream: Conrad Anker’s re-creation of Mount Everest’s first attempted ascent by George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irvine. Educational Content Expert Reviewer and Advisor.
Kedrowski, J.J., (2009). Determining Relative Annual Climbing Frequency of Colorado’s 14,000-foot Peaks. Mountain Research and Development, 29(1): (82-92).
Kedrowski, J.J. (2009). Climber’s Perceptions on McKinley: Crowding Concerns, Hazards, and Climber Demographics. Denali National Park and Preserve, Investigator’s Annual Report Study# DENA-00789, Permit# DENA-2009-SCI-0005, Department of the Interior 48 p.
Colorado’s Southern San Juan
Kedrowski, J.J., (2009). Mapping a Section of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in Colorado’s Southern San Juan Wilderness. International Journal of Wilderness 15(3): (17-22).
Mount Rainier Trees
Kedrowski, J.J., (2008). Climber’s Perceptions on Mount Rainier: Climber Demographics, Hazards, and Crowding Concerns. Mount Rainier National ParkInvestigator’s Annual Report (IAR) OMB #1024-0236, MORA—00107 Department of the Interior. 51 p.
Rich, V.R., Kedrowski,J.J., Richter, S. (2008). Institutional Profiles of CAATE Accredited Entry-Level Athletic Training Education Programs in the United States. Athletic Training Education Journal 3(3): (108-114).
Kedrowski, J.J. (2006). Assessing Human-Environmental Impacts on Colorado’s 14,000-foot Mountains. MS Thesis University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. 206p.
Torry M.R., O’Connor D.D., Kedrowski J.J., Sterett W.I., Steadman J.R., (2001). Knee Stability Controlled by Hamstrings and Functional Knee Brace. Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics 13(4):(90-96).
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